South Surrey Root Canal Dentist Restores Damaged Teeth

Tuesday, January 07, 2014 | by

Hopefully, by using high quality preventative dentistry treatments, you will be able to avoid dental problems in the future. If, however, a dental issue does pop up, rest assured that our South Surrey dentist office is here to help you reclaim your healthy smile. In cases of severe dental trauma, root canal dentistry may be necessary. Today we are going to be talking a little bit more about how root canal therapy works, and why it is so important for patients to pursue.

As we just mentioned, root canal therapy becomes necessary when a tooth is seriously damaged. This may happen when…

· A dental cavity moves through the dental enamel, dentin, and into the dental core

· A patient experiences an accident—for example a car accident or sporting accident—that cracks or chips a tooth

· Chronic dental grinding causes your dental enamel to weaken and then crack

· Gum disease progresses and intensifies, ultimately infecting tooth roots

Basically, any time that a tooth becomes so damaged that the dental core is exposed or vulnerable, you may need to undergo root canal therapy. During root canal treatment, our dental team clears away the inner core of the tooth, down through the dental roots. Then the tooth is filled and capped with a restoration.

With timely root canal therapy, you can avoid tooth loss, which often results from dental damage. Thanks to modern dental and sedation technology, root canal treatment is faster and more comfortable than ever before, so please do not put this treatment off out of fear or anxiety.

Do you want to learn more about how root canal treatment progresses, and whom it can help? If so, give our South Surrey root canal dentist office a call, or submit your question online. We are here to give you the confidence and information you need to achieve a healthy smile!

South Surrey Cosmetic Dentist Explains the Importance of the Dental Implant Root

Tuesday, December 24, 2013 | by

Dental implants are revolutionary replacement teeth that can help your smile look and feel great after tooth loss. Today we are going to be talking about what sets the dental implant apart from other restorative dentistry options—the dental implant root. Our South Surrey cosmetic dentists have put together this short explanation of how implant roots benefit patients—keep reading to get more information!

The dental implant root is the bottom-most part of the implant restoration, and this is the first part of the replacement tooth that our dentist will place. The implant root is surgically implanted into the patient’s jawbone, thus mimicking a natural tooth root.

Unlike a natural tooth root, however, the dental implant root is made of titanium. This is not an arbitrary decision; titanium is in many ways an ideal material for a replacement tooth. Not only does titanium age well, and retain its stability long-term, it also has osseointegration properties. Through the process of osseointegration the titanium implant root actually bonds with the patient’s natural bone tissue.

This is obviously advantageous as the implant root grounds and stabilizes the replacement tooth as a whole. Additionally, the titanium root helps to keep the patient’s natural bone tissue healthy. Because the titanium bonds with the natural bone, the bone is less likely to begin deteriorating at the site of tooth loss.

Other restorative replacement teeth restore the appearance of the patient’s smile, and allow the patient to eat and speak. However, these dental options do not have replacement dental roots. Consequently, they do not offer the same benefits that dental implants do.

If you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, our South Surrey dental implant dentists can help you. Please call our office, our contact our dental team through our website, in order to schedule your consultation with our dentist!

South Surrey Teeth Whitening Dentist Explains How You Can Minimize Dental Discoloration

Tuesday, December 10, 2013 | by

Your teeth, like other aspects of your appearance, change over time. So teeth that start out as white and luminous can start to appear stained over time. Our South Surrey teeth whitening dentist office is here to help patients regain bright smiles even if they suffer from aesthetic dental damage. So let’s talk a little bit more about how discoloration develops in the first place, and what you can do about it.

The outermost layer of your tooth is called the dental enamel. Most dental enamel, when it is strong and young, starts out white and bright. You may have noticed that children have naturally white teeth; this is because their enamel is strong, and they have not been exposed to many staining substances.

Over time, however, the wear and tear of regular life degrades the strength of dental enamel. As your enamel thins and accumulates small cracks and chips, you will probably notice that your teeth start to look discolored.

Certain substances will lead to dental discoloration when used over a long period of time. Popular drinks like coffee, tea, soda, and red wine can make dental enamel look yellow and leave streaky stains on teeth. Additionally, foods like chocolate, red sauces, and berries can likewise discolor your smile.

The combination of weakened dental enamel and long-term exposure to staining substances can produce dramatic dental discoloration. Our South Surrey cosmetic dentist office will help you reclaim a white, bright smile using teeth whitening treatments and/or dental veneers.

To get more information about your cosmetic dentistry options, please feel free to contact our dental office. You can also contact our dental team by submitting an inquiry through our website. We can help you choose the cosmetic dentistry treatments that are best for your smile and your dental goals. We look forward to helping you reach your dream smile!

South Surrey Dental Implant Dentist Reviews the Treatment Process for Dental Implant Insertion

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 | by

If you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, it is very important that you find a restorative dental treatment that fits your needs. One treatment in our South Surrey dentist office that is very effective for many patients is dental implant treatment. Dental implants can take your smile to the next level, and deliver results that last for years.

Dental implants are independent replacement teeth that look like natural teeth. You can use a dental implant to replace a single tooth, or multiple dental implants to restore your entire smile.

The process for dental implant insertion is multi-phased.

1. First our dentist will meet with you and determine whether you are a candidate for dental implant treatment. Our dental team will assess your gum and jawbone health to make sure that your mouth is healthy enough for dental implant treatment. If we determine that you are a candidate for dental implant treatment, we will move on to laying the foundation for your dental restoration.

2. Creating a dental implant starts with implanting a titanium root into your jawbone. The titanium root serves the function of a natural tooth root, and actually bonds with your natural bone tissue. However, this process takes a few months, so our dental team will wait until your mouth is healed before we proceed to the third step of treatment.

3. The final pieces of your dental implant are the abutment and the dental restoration itself. The abutment connects the implant root to the restoration. Your dental restoration will be designed to look like a natural tooth and blend with the rest of your smile.

This entire treatment process generally lasts a few months. At the end of this process you will have a tooth that looks stunning, is functional, and promotes a healthy mouth. Please call our South Surrey dental implant dentist office to learn more about this exciting treatment option.

South Surrey Veneers Dentist Answers Your Questions About Cosmetic Dental Veneers

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 | by

As you gather information about cosmetic dentistry treatments, it is so important to get as many facts as you can about various options. That way, you can ultimately make a sound decision, and find the cosmetic dentistry treatment that fits your specific needs. So today our South Surrey veneers dentists are answering patient questions about how dental veneers work for patients.

Q: How many veneers can I use to rehabilitate my smile?

A: You can use cosmetic veneers to correct as many or as few teeth as you wish. Depending on your dental damage, you may want to rehabilitate your entire smile with dental veneers. However, if you have just a single damaged tooth, one dental veneer may be enough to perfect your smile.

Q: How do I know that my veneers will end up looking natural?

A: Dental veneers deliver exceptionally natural looking results, because the porcelain used to make veneers looks just like natural porcelain. Additionally, dental veneers are shaped and colored to look natural and to blend with your other natural teeth.

Q: How long does it take to complete dental veneers treatment?

A: Our dentist can generally restore a patient’s smile in just two or three dental appointments using quick and convenient dental veneers. Dental veneers are actually one of the most efficient ways to take your smile to the next level. When you come in for you dental consultation, we can give you a better idea how long treatment will take for you, specifically.

Our South Surrey cosmetic dentists are here to help you understand all of your cosmetic dentistry options. So if you would like any additional information about dental veneers, or any other cosmetic treatment, please feel free to contact our dental team. We can answer all of your questions, and give you the personalized recommendations that you deserve.

South Surrey Teeth Whitening Dentist Explains Common Causes of Staining

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 | by

Your smile is subjected to staining substances all throughout the day. Many people find that, as they age, their teeth begin to look a bit darker, or accumulate some streaks of discoloration. Today our South Surrey teeth whitening dentist is explaining why teeth become discolored in the first place.

Although most people think of accumulated environmental stains when they consider dental discoloration, the truth is that there are a number of potential causes of dental staining. In fact, natural changes to your dental enamel can actually exacerbate the effects of environmental staining.

You may notice that young dental enamel is normally white. This is because the dental enamel layer is thick and healthy, and the tooth has not been exposed to many staining substances. This is why children, for example, have such naturally white teeth.

Abrasive substances and oral acids will cause your dental enamel to thin over time. As your enamel becomes thinner you will be able to see more of the dark dentin beneath the enamel. This can give your smile an overall yellow, stained appearance.

Additionally, compromised dental enamel accumulates stains from substances. Drinks like red wine, cola, and juices can deposit discoloration on your teeth. Also foods such as chocolate, red sauces, and berries may cause your teeth to look darker over time. The weak spots in your enamel are more porous, and thus at risk of absorbing stains.

As your enamel thins, you may also notice that your teeth look less luminous and bright. Luminosity, as well as whiteness, gives your smile a young, fresh appearance.

The good news is that there are many cosmetic dentistry treatments that our South Surrey teeth whitening dentist office can use to boost your smile. Please feel free to contact our dental office, either by calling our dental team, or submitting an inquiry online, in order to get the answers you need.

South Surrey Cosmetic Dentist Reviews Dental Issues that Are Corrected with Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 | by

It is extremely common for dental patients to want to improve their teeth through cosmetic dentistry. Luckily, there are a wide number of cosmetic dentistry treatments that will allow patients to reach their aesthetic goals. Today our South Surrey dentist is reviewing the types of cosmetic dental problems that our dental team regularly corrects. Read through this brief article to get a better idea of whether you may benefit from cosmetic dentistry!

Cosmetic dentistry treatments are designed to improve the appearance of a patient’s smile. There are different cosmetic treatments to address different problems, such as:

· Misaligned teeth

· Dark or stained dental enamel

· Poorly proportioned teeth

· Gaps between teeth

· Unsightly and unhealthy gum tissue

When you meet with our dentist, we will be able to discuss your dental needs in detail, so that you can choose a dental treatment that meets your needs and desires. Here are some very popular cosmetic dentistry treatments about which our dentist can give you more information:

· Porcelain dental veneers

· Dental bonding using dental resin

· Professional teeth whitening treatments

· Dental contouring

· Gum contouring

· Dental Implants

· Natural-looking, white dental crowns and restorations

Some patients quickly find their ideal dental treatments and achieve stellar smiles. Other patients find that it is beneficial to combine a few different treatment options in order to meet their overall aesthetic goals. If you are not currently sure what dental treatment is suitable for you, don’t worry, that’s why our dental team is here to help you!

Please feel free to give us a call or submit an inquiry online in order to schedule a meeting with our South Surrey White Rock cosmetic dentist. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can start living with a smile your really love!

South Surrey White Rock Dentist Reviews Common Ways that Illness Damages Oral Health

Tuesday, October 08, 2013 | by

Have you ever noticed that when you are not feeling well—maybe you have the flu, or you are just run down—that your dental health suffers as well? This is very common—a patient’s overall health can have a huge impact on the patient’s oral health. Here is some more information from our South Surrey dentist

Your immune system is vitally important for keeping you healthy—this includes your overall health and your oral health. If your immune system is affected by illness, it will be difficult for you to combat oral infections.

Here are some common health conditions that may impact your dental health:

1. Short-term illnesses

Something as simple as a cold may cause changes to your dental health. If you are suffering from a cold or the flu, one of the first things that you may notice is that your breath does not seem very fresh. Many illnesses result in bacterial mucus build-up in the back of throat. To combat this problem, make sure to rinse your mouth frequently with mouthwash or warm salt water.

2. Chronic illnesses

If you are battling a chronic illness—like heart disease or diabetes—your immune system may be hampered as a result. Talk to your dentist about whether you need to adopt any additional dental hygiene steps in order to boost your bacteria-fighting ability.

3. Take a look at your dental hygiene habits

Illness also makes patients feel tired, which means that many patients don’t take the time to thoroughly clean their teeth at least twice a day. This leads to plaque build up, dental infections, and odorous breath. So even when you don’t feel your best, remember to brush, floss, and rinse your teeth!

Our White Rock dentist office is here to help you optimize your oral health no matter what your current health situation. Please feel free to contact us to get started.

South Surrey Dentist Explains The Basics of Gum Contouring Treatment

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 | by

When most patients think about improving the appearance of their smiles, they think about making changes to their teeth. The truth, however, is that the appearance of your gum tissue is equally important for creating an aesthetically pleasing smile. Our South Surrey White Rock dentist often performs gum contouring treatment for exceptional cosmetic results. Let’s learn more about what gum contouring is, and how it improves patients’ smiles.

Your gum tissue frames and supports your teeth. If your gum tissue is uneven, or too long, it can disrupt the visual balance of your smile. That is where gum contouring treatment can help!

During the gum contouring process, our dentist uses a dental laser to minimize bulky gum tissue. Laser treatment is ideal for gum contouring, because the laser seals the gum tissue and helps it heal after treatment.

With gum contouring you can achieve the following beneficial results:

· Make long gum tissue shorter, thus making your teeth appear better proportioned

· Even out uneven gum tissue where your gums meet your teeth

· Reduce periodontal pockets, which are small pockets in the gum tissue caused by periodontal disease.

· Minimize extraneous gum tissue that hangs down between teeth

Many patients do not realize that gum contouring is an option. Consequently, these patients think that they cannot do anything to improve their gum tissue. If you want to improve the appearance of your smile, talk to your dentist about whether gum contouring can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

For more detailed information, feel free to contact our White Rock dentist office. We can give you the facts you need, and help you determine whether gum contouring is right for you and your smile. We can’t wait to help you discover a smile that you are truly proud to show off!

South Surrey White Rock Dentist Explains How Oral Conscious Sedation Works

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 | by

Our South Surrey dentist office understands that many patients experience fear and anxiety when they contemplate dental treatment. Whether you have had a poor dental experience in the past, or you are afraid of experiencing pain in the dentist’s chair, sedation dentistry can help you.

Oral conscious sedation is a patient-friendly and effective sedation option. As the name suggests, patients stay conscious throughout the oral conscious sedation process, but they are protected from the pain and anxiety sometimes associated with dental care.

How does the process work?

When we meet before your treatment, our dentist will prescribe you a pill to take before you come in for treatment. This pill will affect you soon after you take it, so most patients should take this pill about an hour before they come in for treatment—our dentist will let you know what your specific timeline should be. Once you take the pill you will start to feel relaxed, so relaxed, in fact, that you will need to have a friend or family member drive you to your appointment!

By the time that you arrive at our office you will already be feeling calm and comfortable. During treatment you will be able to respond to any questions posed by our dental team—you will be conscious the entire time. Most patients report, however, that they do not remember anything about the treatment process once the sedation wears off.

After your treatment is complete, your friend or family member will drive you home, and you will quickly feel the effects the sedation wear off. There is not a lengthy readjustment period associated with oral conscious sedation.

Do you have more questions about sedation in general, or oral conscious sedation specifically? If so, our South Surrey White Rock sedation dentist is here to give you the information you need—just give us a call!