South Surrey Cosmetic Dentist Explains Why Your Smile Might Look Different As You Get Older

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 | by

It is not uncommon for patients to come into our South Surrey cosmetic dentist office because they believe that their smiles look drastically different than they used to. These patients are not imagining things! The truth is that the structure and the appearance of your smile will change over time. So what can you expect?

1. The color of your smile will get darker or more yellow

Even the brightest and whitest dental enamel is likely dim over time. This usually happens because:

· Environmental stains accumulate over time; environmental stains are caused by foods, drinks, tobacco, and other similar substances.

· Thinning dental enamel (which happens as your teeth get older), causes the yellow dentin (the layer below the enamel) to show through the surface of the tooth.

2. You may notice an increase in dental damage

Many adults report that, as they age, they start to suffer from dental cracks and chips. Here are some contributing factors to dental damage:

· Long-term exposure to acidic substances thins dental enamel, which makes it more prone to fracture

· Micro-cracks (which are often so small that they are not visible) build up over time. Then, as your enamel weakens, these micro-cracks connect with one another to be come larger, visible chips and cracks.

· Chronic dental grinding and clenching puts an enormous amount of pressure on your dental enamel. Over time, this habitual action causes your dental enamel to crack and collapse.

Although these dental issues are very common, and afflict a large number of adults, you do not have to live with these aesthetic problems. Our South Surrey cosmetic dentist office offers a wide variety of treatments that will restore your smile in a short period of time. Feel free to contact our dental office—by phone or through our website—in order to speak with our dental team!