South Surrey Cosmetic Dentist Transforms Smiles Completely With Restorative and Cosmetic Treatment

Tuesday, June 10, 2014 | by

Are you interested in improving the appearance of your smile in more than one way? Do you have functional or health-related issues that you would like to address while you enhance the aesthetics of your teeth? If so, a dental makeover may be the best solution for your dental woes.

Our South Surrey dentist crafts a personalized treatment plan for every patient who comes to us a looking for a smile makeover. This means that we can’t tell you exactly what will be included in your smile makeover (well, not until we meet with you!). However, we can tell you about some of the treatments that we frequently utilize to achieve optimal results.

If you have widely spaced or crooked teeth, you may want to make your smile appear more seamless and straight. To improve dental alignment, you might be use:

· Dental veneers

· Dental bonding

If you are suffering with dental stains or discoloration, you can lighten your smile with:

· Dental veneers

· Dental bonding

· Professional whitening treatments

· Tooth colored fillings (if you currently have amalgam fillings that are making your smile appear dark or metallic)

If you are missing teeth, you need to find a tooth replacement treatment right away. Here are some effective options:

· Dental implants

· Dental bridges

· Dentures

To correct small imbalances in your smile—like uneven gum tissue or dental enamel, you can use:

· Gum tissue contouring

· Dental enamel contouring

· Dental bonding

· Dental veneers

The key to any smile makeover is to match up the perfect treatments with the patient’s specific needs. That’s what our South Surrey cosmetic dentist office is here for! We have the experience and knowledge necessary to guide you through the smile makeover process. We aren’t happy until you love your new and improve smile!