South Surrey Dentist Gives You Tips For Flossing Effectively

Tuesday, May 06, 2014 | by

A key step in your oral hygiene routine is flossing. If you, like many patients, have not been flossing religiously, this is your chance to rededicate yourself to maintaining a healthy smile! Here are some suggestions from our South Surrey dentist about how to floss to the best of your ability.

1. Keep up with your flossing routine

A critical component of flossing effectively is to floss every day, diligently, without skipping. When you think about it this makes sense; dental plaque is always building up on your teeth, so you need to floss every single day in order to clear away fresh plaque.

2. Use a type of floss that is right for you

There are a number of different kinds of floss out on the market today. You should choose one that feels comfortable for you to use, and that has a taste that is appealing for you. Just be sure that the type of floss that you are using fits all the way between your teeth without shredding—this is very important to make sure that your floss is clearing away plaque effectively.

3. Move the floss vertically and horizontally

When flossing between teeth, do not just swipe the piece of floss up and down and move on. Rather, take the time to move your floss up and down as well as back and forth between the teeth. This is how you round up as much plaque as possible from your teeth and your gum tissue.

Once you start flossing on a regular basis, you will notice that your smile feels and look fresh. If you want more information about at-home dental care, including flossing, please contact our South Surrey dentist office. Our dental team is here to help you optimize your smile for years to come; we look forward to speaking with you!