South Surrey Dentist Helps You Understand How Dental Contouring Can Change Smiles

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 | by

Many patients do not realize that there are quick and easy cosmetic treatments that can improve the overall appearance of a patient’s smile. We are talking about different types of oral contouring—treatments that can alter your natural oral tissues to achieve an aesthetic result.

Today our South Surrey dentist office is talking in greater detail about how these treatments work, and what kinds of results you can expect to enjoy!

Let’s start by talking about gum tissue contouring. During this process, our dentist will use a dental laser to sculpt your gum tissue. With this treatment our dental team can:

· Minimize portions of gum tissue that appear overgrown or overextended (some patients even have gum tissue that hangs down over dental enamel)

· Make the left and right sides of your gum tissue symmetrical, and thus more balanced

· Smooth away textural imperfections that may be developing on the gum surface

Another type of dental contouring allows our dentist to actually shape your natural dental enamel. During this treatment our dentist is able to gently and quickly buff away visible dental problems like:

· Uneven or jagged enamel edges

· Textural imperfections on the tooth

· Sharp (sometimes even uncomfortable) portions of teeth

Both of these treatments can be completed in just one dental appointment, and deliver lasting, attractive results. These cosmetic options are also very comfortable, and do not require lengthy recovery times post-treatment.

If you want to do more to figure out whether dental or gum tissue contouring may be right for you, you can find more information on the cosmetic dentistry page of our website. And of course, you can always call our South Surrey dentist office if you have specific questions, or you want to speak with a member of our dental team directly. We look forward to speaking with you!