South Surrey Dentist Office Restores Patients’ Smiles with High Quality Dentures

Tuesday, April 01, 2014 | by

We know that it can be difficult for patients suffering from tooth loss to reclaim whole, healthy smiles. That is why our South Surrey dentist makes sure to offer a wide variety of restorative options for these patients. One such dental option is the restorative denture.

Dentures are used to replace an entire set of teeth—top, bottom, or both. Dentures are kept in place with a dental-grade adhesive. When you want your smile to look and function like a complete smile, you simply put your dentures in place. When you are sleeping, you will remove your dentures and place them in a special solution to keep them clean.

Our dental team offers dentures that enhance the patient’s overall appearance. These dentures…

· Are designed to look aesthetically pleasing and natural. The shade of your dentures will compliment your natural teeth, and enhance your appearance. Additionally, your dentures will be shaped and sized to fit your overall face and mouth.

· Are molded to be comfortable. When we create the form for you dentures, we will design them to fit your gum tissue, specifically. This not only provides a comfortable fit, it also ensures that you will be able to speak and eat naturally with your dentures in place.

· Are durable. We create dentures that can stand up to the wear and tear of daily life. With proper care, your dentures will last, and look attractive, for year.

Do not let missing teeth destroy your smile and your healthy, happy life. Dentures will transform your smile quickly and completely. You really can reclaim a smile that makes you feel confident!

For more information about all of your restorative dentistry options, including dentures, give our helpful dental team a call. Our South Surrey dentist office is here to answer all of your questions.