South Surrey Root Canal Dentist Explains Why Root Canals Are So Important For Patients

Tuesday, July 01, 2014 | by

Severe dental problems need to be treated quickly and effectively in order to prevent tooth loss, and even more serious dental problems. Many times, this means that the patient needs to undergo root canal therapy. But what does root canal therapy do, exactly? And why is it so important for people suffering from dramatic dental decay and damage?

Our South Surrey root canal dentists are here to answer these important questions.

What does root canal therapy do?

Root canal therapy clears out the inner layers of the tooth. Every tooth has a dental core, with nerves that extend from the middle of the tooth down through the tooth root. When an infection or injury has compromised the dental enamel, our dentist will perform root canal therapy. During this procedure we will clear away the tissues and nerves of the inner tooth, and then restore the tooth with a restoration.

Why is root canal therapy important?

Basically, root canal therapy can save a severely damaged tooth that, without treatment, may be lost. Infected and injured teeth destabilize the entirety of the patient’s mouth, and put other teeth at risk. Additionally, infections, if left untreated, can spread to other teeth, gum tissue, and bone tissue.

By clearing away the damaged material and restoring the tooth, our South Surrey root canal dentists help patients retain their natural teeth, and safeguard their smiles. This procedure is truly a smile saving restorative option.

Although root canal therapy is a fairly long-standing procedure, modern dental technology has made this treatment option more comfortable and effective than ever before. Many dental patients report that the entire root canal therapy process is akin to having a standard filling placed.

To get more information about root canal therapy, please contact our South Surrey root canal dentists! Your smile is worth saving!