South Surrey Teeth Whitening Dentist Treats Age-Related Dental Discoloration

Tuesday, May 27, 2014 | by

Hey, we understand: keeping your smile bright and white is hard work! And sometimes, despite our best efforts, we start to notice that the visible effects of dental staining are taking a hold of our teeth.

The truth is that some aesthetic changes (including dental discoloration) just naturally come along with age. But with top-notch dental treatments from our South Surrey cosmetic dentist office, you can reclaim your smile’s previous luminosity. Let’s learn more about how this is possible.

The visible part of your teeth is called dental enamel. Dental enamel, when it is young and healthy, is generally white and quite hard. The enamel protects your smile from all kinds of health threats—like bacteria and injury.

As you get older, your dental enamel will probably start to wear down a little bit (hey, it’s been working hard for a lot of years!). As the enamel thins, it becomes susceptible to dental staining from various substances like:

· Tobacco

· Coffee

· Tea

· Red wine

· Chocolate

· Red sauces

· Berries

· Dark colas

All of these things can leave color deposits on your enamel—leading to dark splotches, brown enamel edges, and teeth that appear dull.

To restore your smile, our dental team will employ the right cosmetic treatment for you. It may be that we can lighten your natural enamel with professional dental lightening treatments. These treatments actually lift stains from your teeth, to reveal your previous dental shade. For patients with hard-to-treat discoloration (or additional dental damage) we often recommend using porcelain dental veneers to cover the problematic teeth.

Our South Surrey teeth whitening dentist office is here to help you determine exactly how to lighten your smile for optimal aesthetic results. As always you can call our dental team at (604) 385-2400 or use our contact us page to touch base with our staff!