Why Do Patients Love The Stability Of Dental Implants? Our South Surrey Dentist Explains

Tuesday, October 14, 2014 | by

Ideally, every person would retain his or her natural teeth for the duration of his or her lifetime. However, in real life, things happen, and patients sometimes suffer unwanted dental damage. No matter what happened to cause you to lose a tooth (be it infection or an accident), it is imperative that you find a restorative replacement tooth as quickly as possible.

Our South Surrey dentists find that people of many different ages have great results using dental implants to replace teeth. Today we are going to be talking about why this is—what makes the dental implant such a stable, reliable replacement tooth?

It all starts with the tooth root…

The dental implant is the only replacement tooth that includes a replacement tooth root with the visible dental restoration. Because a dental implant is purposefully designed to mimic a natural tooth’s structure, every implant has a titanium root that anchors the replacement tooth into the jawbone tissue. This leads to…

· A replacement tooth that does not need dental adhesive to stay in place

· A replacement tooth that stays in place all day and night (this replacement tooth is not removable)

· A replacement tooth that is easy to clean (brush and floss as normal!)

· A replacement tooth root that bonds to your natural jawbone tissue—helping to prevent bone deterioration and loss of bone density

· A replacement tooth that gives you the confidence to jump back into your life, and eat, drink, and speak without anxiety!

The benefits of dental implants are many and readily apparent. There is more to learn about these exciting and effective replacement teeth! So reach out to our South Surrey dental implant dentist office when you are ready to learn more or schedule a restorative consultation with our dental team!