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Does the Thought of Going to the Dentist Make You Anxious? Have You Been Avoiding Vital Dental Care Due to Fear?

Sedation Dentistry Can Help you Conquer Your Fear and Achieve a Stunning Smile!

If the thought of dental care makes you anxious and stressed out, or if you’ve ever found yourself canceling a dental appointment due to fear, you may need sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is helping thousands of anxious dental patients get the treatment they need—it can help you too.

Our office provides oral conscious sedation. When you use oral conscious sedation, you take a small pill before your dental appointment. During treatment you’ll be conscious and responsive, but you won’t feel pain or anxiety. Most patients don’t even remember any details about their appointments after treatment!

Why so many patients choose South Surrey White Rock dentist Dr. Lodhia for sedation dentistry:

Anxiety-Free Dentistry

Oral conscious sedation will help you get the dental treatment you need without anxiety or stress. Don’t avoid dental treatment due to fear—this will only lead to substantial dental problems in the future. Get the healthy teeth you need and the beautiful smile you deserve using dental sedation!

We’re Here for You
Sedation Dentistry in South Surrey

Time and time again we’ve seen anxious patients come in to our office and leave with beautiful smiles. Our supportive team is here to guide you through treatment—you’ll never feel uninformed or alone. With the latest sedation treatments and compassionate care we can overcome your dental fears.

Sedation Experience and Expertise

Sedation dentistry requires specific training and expertise to administer. Dr. Lodhia has been DOCS certified, and he has years of experience helping patients with dental anxiety. Oral conscious sedation is so simple—you just take a pill before you come in to the office, and you’ll glide peacefully through dental treatment!

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